Daniel Mitchell

A Senior Software and Cloud Engineer based in the UK. Experienced programmer in a variety of languages, technologies and delivering solutions for the AWS Cloud.

AWS Certified

Currently work in a freelance capacity for a number of organisations that include developing and architecting back-end solutions in the cloud, for the web, desktop and mobile devices. Projects as diverse as management systems, cloud hosting, multi-channel communication solutions, telephony and the processing of audio and video media.

Feel free to contact me with your interesting project ideas. Email: me@daniel-mitchell.com

Inbox Zero in Outlook without deleting an email

Many email organisers recommend a ruthless approach to email management. However, for me, email is an important record of all conversations and a record of what happened, it forms a journal of important details, which I rely upon when needed. Therefore deleting email is not an option. Yet, still finding emails that need to be answered or emails that represents a task I

Low Latency Serverless Typeahead using CloudFlare Workers

Helping users find what they want fast is essential for a good user experience. Using a typeahead input box allows this. But to be effective it needs to be fast. Typeahead search at www.signasl.orgThe fastest solution would be to have all the search entries available locally on the browser. But for this website there is currently 41,046 entries, taking 508kb

Business Owner Technical Guide - Domains

Any new business owner needs a domain. Essential for your web presence, emails and other internet services. Most important is that you maintain ownership of the domain. Don't allow an outsource web development company to register the domain on your behalf. If you ever have issues with that company then they have you over the barrel. Of if you wish to engage other

CloudFlare - Add user to account

To allow me to configure your CloudFlare account in a secure way without sharing your login details, login to your CloudFlare account, then from the dashboard (1) Select Manage Account and then Members from the Side Panel on the left. (2) Invite a member by entering in my email address and press Invite. Optionally you can also enable the Member 2FA enforcement to

SignASL Year in Review 2021

End of a year, so time for a quick analysis of the year. SignASL has been running since 2013 and has experienced growth every year. This year 24,887,947 searches were completed, a massive increase of 39% from last year! It is always interesting to see what people search for. Below is the top 50 searches. Search Query No. Searches % change **** 19,