Daniel Mitchell

A Senior Software and Cloud Engineer based in the UK. Experienced programmer in a variety of languages, technologies and delivering solutions for the AWS Cloud.

AWS Certified

Currently work in a freelance capacity for a number of organisations that include developing and architecting back-end solutions in the cloud, for the web, desktop and mobile devices. Projects as diverse as management systems, cloud hosting, multi-channel communication solutions, telephony and the processing of audio and video media.

Feel free to contact me with your interesting project ideas. Email: me@daniel-mitchell.com

Partitioned Cookies in C#

As browsers start to phase out 3rd party cookies developers need to start using the partitioned cookie attribute (this is a new feature of Cookies Having Independent Partitioned State CHIPS). This will allow users to login when accessing your site in an iframe whiles maintaining privacy. While blocking 3rd party cookies is not yet set as the default, all the major browsers are

Email Spam Headers

One way to help reduce the chances of your emails being marked as spam is to understand email spam headers. Spam headers are the hidden messages that are attached to every email. They contain information about the sender, the recipient, and the content of the email. Two of the most important spam headers are SPF and DKIM. SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework.

SignBSL Year in Review 2022

Quick recap of this year's search data for SignBSL 23,595,029 searches were done. This is a tiny increase of +0.6% from last year. So almost unchanged the amount of searches. Below I have included the top 50 most searched words. Search Query No. Searches % Change from last year how are you 45,911 -16% i love you 42,692 26%

SignASL Year in Review 2022

Quick recap of this year's search data for SignASL 26,274,632 searches were done. This is a small increase of +5.6% from last year. Below I have included the top 50 most searched words. The top 5 words are offensive words. In fact there are 7 offensive words in the top 50, unlike users searching for BSL where none of the

Inbox Zero in Outlook without deleting an email

Many email organisers recommend a ruthless approach to email management. However, for me, email is an important record of all conversations and a record of what happened, it forms a journal of important details, which I rely upon when needed. Therefore deleting email is not an option. Yet, still finding emails that need to be answered or emails that represents a task I