SignBSL Year in Review 2022

Quick recap of this year's search data for SignBSL 23,595,029 searches were done. This is a tiny increase of +0.6% from last year. So almost unchanged the amount of searches. Below I have included the top 50 most searched words. Search Query No. Searches % Change from last year how are you 45,911 -16% i love you 42,692 26%

SignBSL Year in Review 2021

End of a year, so time for a quick analysis of the year. SignBSL has been running since 2013 and has experienced growth every year. This year 23,433,479 searches were completed, an increase of just over 16% from last year. It is always fascinating to see what people search for. I have included the top 50 searches below. Search Query No.