Video in a Video using FFMPEG

Use ffmpeg to overlay a video inside a master video or picture in a picture. This effect can be accomplished using ffmpegs overlay filter command. For this example I use two videos. A master_video.mp4 1920×1080 and a resized smaller_inner_video.mp4 800×450. The two can be combined with the following command: >ffmpeg.exe -i master_video.mp4

Windows 7 Product Key not available

Without a windows 7 product key, windows disables functionality. This could be because of corruption of the license store, or because your current trial of windows has expired. To fix this first recreate license store. Press start, then type cmd. Right click on the application that is found, and select Run As Administrator. Then type net stop sppsvc (this will stop the Software

Run Virtual PC in Windows 8 bypass compatibility assistant

Windows 8 no longer allows Virtual PC 2007 to be installed. Attempts to install Virtual PC 2007 will bring up the Program Compatibility Assistant saying This program has compatibility issues which prevent installation. Virtual PC 2007 has been removed because Windows 8 now comes with its own inbuilt virtualisation software Hyper-V. However this requires your CPU to support SLAT, which many older processors

Display YouTube user avatar profile picture by username

With YouTube there is no easy url you can use like[username] which can return the users current image. The only way to get the users image is to call one of YouTube api feeds[username] The image url returned is only of the current image, so if the user changes there

Reset Windows 7 Rearm Count

An install of Windows 7 without an activation key allows for 30 days of usage. This can however be extended up to 120 days by using the following slmgr (Software Licensing Management Tool) command to rearm or reset the 30 day trial. slmgr /rearm(Remember to run this command, you must right click on cmd and select “Run as administrator” for this to