Calling dotnet core Lambda API direct from PHP

Usually a API Gateway is placed in front of a Lambda to allow HTTP requests to be forwarded to a Lambda function. However even when using the HTTP API this still costs $1 per million invocations. To save costs I have setup the PHP website to call the Lambda function direct. Here is how to call the Lambda function and pass the request


A personal project of mine started in 2013 when my wife and I started learning sign language. An important part of learning any new language is building vocabulary. At the time there was just a handful of sites that provided a video dictionary, but the number of signs they contained was small meaning it often required searches across multiple sites, as each site

Compact or Resize your VHD file

If you are using dynamic disk for your virtual machine you will soon find out how annoying it is when it grows in size, but when removing the files the disk does not shrink back down. VirtualBox provides tools for compacting a vhdi file but not for vhd. Hyper-v claims to be able to compact, but this often does not work and is

Install Windows on a DEDIBOX XC C2750 Avoton at

May only be an Atom Chip, but with 8 cores clocked at 2.4 GHz it is more than capable as a server. is offering these with 8GB EEC RAM for just 20 EURO’s a month. Board Information: A1SA2-2750F Motherboard from Supermicro However for a budget server, you will

Video in a Video using FFMPEG

Use ffmpeg to overlay a video inside a master video or picture in a picture. This effect can be accomplished using ffmpegs overlay filter command. For this example I use two videos. A master_video.mp4 1920×1080 and a resized smaller_inner_video.mp4 800×450. The two can be combined with the following command: >ffmpeg.exe -i master_video.mp4